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In the modeling world, waiting is a regular thing. We are waiting all the time for something – waiting at the airport, waiting in line for castings, waiting in the agency, waiting for the bookers to send us the schedule, etc. For the most part, we don’t really know in advance how things will go, so we need always to be ready for urgent castings, jobs, or even trips to the other side of the world.

However, waiting is never pleasant. In the beginning, I used to be very impatient, and it was pretty hard for me to sit and wait around for a client who was late or delayed the flight. Sometimes it’s just 15 minutes so who cares, right? But more often than not you get to wait for hours, and you better get used to it because it happens almost every day.

I remember my first trip to Milano – I was so excited to arrive in this fashion capital finally, but I felt lost there as I was running around to find all those castings that I was scheduled for. I was so relieved to finally find the first one, but to my disappointment, I saw a huge line stretching from the entrance. Still, I didn’t let that discourage me. I approached the front of the line, crossed my fingers and put my name on the list. The result – I was number 253! I still remember those three numbers and the shock I felt. With nothing for me to kill time with, I quickly realized how important it is to be patient if you want to succeed in this job.  

This experience taught me a valuable lesson about how to use my time wisely. Complaining doesn’t do anything, so let’s see some ways how to use that time productively. In my case, what I do while waiting mostly depends on my mood that day.

Usually, when I know that the day will be long and exhausting, I bring a book with me. Anyone who has ever seen models running to castings realized how heavy our backpacks are as we always need to carry with us our portfolio, a pair of high heels, and some food to survive the day. On days like these I try to read, but my attention wanders to the people around me. I like to observe what they are doing, how they are acting and moving. It is interesting how much you can learn about people just by looking at them doing nothing.

However, castings are the best time to meet someone new and different. I met so many people while waiting at the fashion shows, castings, and shootings. This really is the best time to chat, and exchange experiences and information about different markets and agencies. As they travel a lot, people in the modeling industry tend to be more open and willing to talk about their lives and share their personal stories.

My favorite part is when we teach each other words in our languages. It is useful to be able to say Hello, Cheers and Thanks in Portuguese, Chinese, Korean or German, but somehow it always ends up with learning swear words.  Still, it is cool to meet somebody new and greet them in their own language.

Sometimes it happens that people are not really interesting and willing to talk – then I just get back to my book. If people don’t have anything to say, a good book always does.  

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Meeting new people, learning exotic languages, getting lost in a book – those are all great ways to kill time on my happy days. However, like any other human, I also have my grumpy days.  Even when I am like that, the castings are still there and I still have to wait, so there is one technique that always makes me relax and calm down. To save time for later and zone out I always have my nail file with me – if I can’t make other things in my life perfect, at least I can have perfect nails!

But what about waiting in my romantic, emotional days?

Oh yes, those days come very often.  Emotions bring up an artist in me, so I enjoy writing or listening to music. Free time always sparks my creativity, so if I am in the right mood and I have to wait a lot, the perfect story will definitely come out. However,  if I don’t feel like writing at the moment, I simply take my earphones and put my favorite playlist on. That makes me daydream about some person or place where I would rather be at that moment – like enjoying the sunset in Santorini or counting the stars on Phi Phi island.   

There are also days when I am neither in a good or a bad mood – I don’t feel grumpy nor super happy. I call those my “neutral days,” when I just don’t care why I am there – will they ask me just to pose or to do some crazy jumping and acting part? Who cares! On those days I just sit there, pretending to look excited to spend half of my day there. 


However you feel and whatever you decide to do, it will probably be better than staring at your phone. Today people instead spend their time socializing online than they actually do with persons around them, it seems like they forgot where they are and who they are with. If you are looking at your phone all the time, how can you meet someone new? Life is totally unpredictable! Maybe the person next to you has a funny story to tell and make you smile, perhaps some of them could be your new friend, girlfriend or boyfriend, or you can hear a compelling life story that will inspire you and make your day.

In my case, the way I will spend time while waiting definitely depends on my mood, but people around me can significantly influence that. If they are friendly, their energy will spread to me and I will throw a joke and make everybody laugh. If I don’t feel their vibe, I simply sit in a corner and read book. I know I am pretty complicated, but it is still better than faking, right?!

Everybody has their own ways of entertaining themselves, so give me an idea what to do while waiting? What are your favorite tricks?



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