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After hearing so many bad stories about modeling some of you may wonder why girls and boys still want to be a model. As in any job, there are positive and negative sides, so there is in modeling too. This time let’s talk about the positive side of this industry.

REASON ONE – INDEPENDENCY. Many girls and boys start modeling career when they are very young. It makes us grow up faster than our generation because of traveling and having to deal with life earlier than other kids. Someone may say this is wrong but from my experience, it was right. I was 17 when I attended the Elite model look competition and just a few months later, I left my country for a very first international contract. Looking back, I think it was the best time to start. I was in the last year of high school and didn’t feel I’d miss out time with my classmates, and teenage phase. But when you are at home and keep doing the same things as a pattern, you get stuck within your comfort zone. And to really see how is to fight for things you want just by yourself, you have to leave that comfort zone.

REASON TWO – TRAVELS. You get a chance to see the world! Not many people, especially at that young age, get that amazing chance. It is a chance not just to travel but to live in different countries, learn about different cultures, different languages and all those things that your peers back in school can only dream about.

REASON THREE – FINDING WHO YOU ARE. You find yourself! Ok, what does it mean?! It means that you really get to know who you are, you don’t just settle for something, you learn, explore and get to know your true self. You are going through a process that most people don’t. You find out what you do and don’t want in life and this is much easier when you are traveling and living far away from home.

REASON FOUR β€“ You meet so many people and have friends all over the world. Personally, even if it would be only this reason it is worthwhile. After years of traveling for work, where ever I’d go, there would be someone I knew from before. I met again my very first flatmate from Russia two years later, at one of the castings in Milano. We were so happy to see each other again on another side of the world. I can’t find the best words to describe the feeling seeing familiar faces at unfamiliar places, but I thank my job for these opportunities.

REASON FIVE – NEVER BORED! You have a dynamic life and freedom. Of course, there is a season when you are busy 24//7, but once the season is over you can take a month of rest and do other things. As in ordinary jobs, you have few weeks of holiday per year, but in modeling, you have more freedom. Also, some trips can be work and vacation altogether (as it was my three months in Bangkok).

SIX REASON – LIVING TO THE FULLEST! You really live your life, you explore, learn and enjoy. By being a model you see and experience a hundred times more than any ordinary person. It is not about money, success, glory, magazine covers, campaigns but about all experience, memories, situations, destinations, and friendships that created you in a person you are today.

When people ask me β€œIs it hard to do this job,β€œ I say it is hard and beautiful at the same time. I still think that modeling has much more positive than negative sides. Work in the office every day from 9 AM to 5 PM or travel the world? I made my choice.

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