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By living two months in Seoul I created my own picture of that city and now when I just left Korea my first thoughts about Seoul are perfection and a ton of coffee shops. I know that sounds funny and makes no sense. It’s not that I don’t like those two things, perfection is my second name so I adjusted easily to that as well I love coffee, but only Americano with cinnamon. So to make it clear I was OK with both. But what was wrong then? Let’s find the answer.

Seoul is a city that has grown rapidly in last few decades. It is a city of modern and traditional, both at once. It is very modern, with unique architectures but on the other hand, it is very traditional with many old temples. Companies such as Samsung and Hyundai Motor are making up a big part of Korea’s GDP. Those two companies make a big impact on Korea’s development and growth. Also, people in Korea work very hard and they are committed to their job. It is a very organized country and everything is right on time. I have to mention how clean Seoul is, you can walk all over the city for days and days and your white Converse will be still white.


My favorite dish that I tried in Korea is BIBIMBAB, which is rice with vegetables, beef and a sunny-side up egg. They served it nicely next to each other and then you have to mix it all before eating. Served with almost every food in Korea is KIMCHI. Kimchi is a traditional side dish made from salted and fermented cabbage. It is mostly spicy but you can ask for nonspicy kimchi, sometimes they have that version as well.
MANDU is Korean kimchi dumplings which are either steamed or fried. They are filled with pork, vegetables or kimchi. Those dumplings are fast food as well KIMBAP which I would say are a healthier option. Kimbap is rice rolled with vegetables and can have fish included. Kimbap was my favorite food to eat when I was at photo shoots or way to busy.


Korean people are definitely some of the kindest people in the world! Most of them speak at least basic English, especially young generations, but even the ones who don’t still always try to help you. I had a situation where I was going to find the office of an airplane company, it was very cold, minus 10 degrees or lower, and I couldn’t find the location. For unknown reasons I didn’t ask for help but one guy came and asked me “Do you need help?“. Then he checked on some Korean application and went with me to next to the building. I went in, but this wasn’t the right entrance. The moment I came out, I stared at my google map, which by the way works so bad in Seoul, then another guy came to me and helped me find the place. He called the office and asked them for the exact address and then went with me all the way to the office to make sure I found the place. This is only one situation of many where people were nice and kind. Koreans always make sure that you are not cold, hungry or thirsty and that you are good and happy. I don’t remember even one bad situation over there, it was pretty much two months without any stress.



When you get tired of people, there is a cool place to visit and make new friends, raccoons. The first week when I arrived, I went there with my flatmates. There are three raccoons and all of them are completely different in terms of the way they behave. There is one friendly one that you can touch and play with, another one that drives you crazy as he runs around the room. It seems like he’s trying to lose weight. The third one is the lazy one, always sleeping in the corner and ignoring other people. It is interesting how they are similar to people.

Raccoon caffee

If you like museums and art then you should definitely visit Hangaram Art Museum. I went there with my friends expecting to stay a bit and go somewhere else, but we stayed for many hours. There are also nice coffee shops and shops with postcards inspired by pictures that are presented in the museum. If you have more time during your trip to Seoul, this is definitely the place to go.

I found this place randomly, but it turns out to be the most interesting place I saw in Seoul. It is located on a hill with hundreds of stairs and murals on both sides of the bricks walls. It used to be two beautiful murals on the stairs as well, but when we went there it wasn’t there anymore. There, as everywhere in Seoul, are lot of cute coffee shops. The only difference is that most of them have nice balconies and amazing views of the city. It was very cold this day, but we couldn’t leave this beauty until night. It was amazing to enjoy the day, sunset and night. It is a very peaceful place just perfect to clear up your mind.

Ihwa Mural Village

Ihwa mural village


This place is perfect to relax, there are many different saunas, a cold room and a swimming pool which was enough for me to recharged my energy. The good thing about this place is that you pay about 14$ and you don’t have to check the time and stress about it, you can stay inside all day. It is a very popular place for tourists, but also for local people. I like changing temperature and going from sauna to cold room as it is great for circulation. But more then this, I love swimming. Most of the time I spent in Dragon hill spa was in the swimming pool. Swimming is the best stress therapy for me and it works better than any other exercises, even better than yoga.

Myeong-dong is one of the primary shopping districts in Seoul. Right after you get out of the subway you will see streets with many shops. Whatever you need to buy you will find in this area. What is interesting about Seoul is that half of the shops are cosmetic brands. Korea is a country of beauty and perfection!
Itaewon is a perfect place for nightlife, with a lot of bars and restaurants. It is definitely a tourist area so if you want to meet some foreigners and have fun go to Itaewon.
Sinsa-Dong was my neighborhood. It is a lovely place to live, and it’s easy to move from one part of the city to another and has all that you need nearby. As it was winter and very cold, sometimes I found myself for a week just moving around Sinsa because whatever I needed I could find in this area.


6. GYEONGDONG STREET MARKET is one of my favorite places in Seoul. It might seem funny that a street market would be my favorite place, but as I love to cook and search for healthy foods and spices this was just the perfect place. Even though it was one hour away from my apartment and even if it was freezing it didn’t bother me to go there once per week and come back with two full bags and my backpack.

This is the last place I visited in Seoul and it was on my last day. The reason I went there was to find the bookstore, so I could find the magazine my pictures were published in. It was the evening before my flight and I thought I was going there just to buy the magazine and leave, but then I stayed for two hours exploring the huge library. It reminded me of the amazing library I saw in Hangzhou (China), but this one was equally as impressive. There is a section with English books as well and you can choose a book and take your time to sit there and read.

Built-in 1395. It was the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty. It is located in northern Seoul, and it is one of the five largest palaces built by the Joseon dynasty. I visited this place five years ago during my first time in Seoul and it was a nice experience. When you travel around Asia for so many years you see many palaces and most of them look similar in some way, but this one was a bit different and more interesting. There is a performance in front of the gate every day and you can see how it looks many years from now.



It’s been a nice and peaceful two months, but as I promised, in the beginning, to find out what was missing I have to share with you the end of this story. This city just didn’t match with my personality, it was nice to have some time to relax but it was pretty boring for me. I like more cities like Bangkok or Hong Kong that are alive 24 hours 365 days a year and where there is always something fun to do. However, this two months in Seoul was a good time to clear my mind and focus on my writing and reading.

My last couple days in Korea, it is time to move on. New adventure called Hong Kong is awaiting for me! I can say that I am really happy to go back there. Hong Kong was my first modeling trip and it has special place in my heart! Actually, every city/country where I lived in, produced special feelings inside of me. In the end, I always forgive and forget all bad things and try to keep in my mind just nice experiences! Be selective what you keep in your mind and heart. How we feel about things it mostly depends on the way we look at them. Let’s forget what others think or do! Let’s bet on yourself! 💪 . . #seoul #seoulkorea #seoulfashion #modelblogger #fashion #blogger #writer #travelblogger #chameleonspirit #makelly #liveauthentic #explore #travel #hongkong

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