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One of the best things in Bali is food. However, this is only one of many things I like there. Everything is healthy and made with love, and this is the reason that all the food in Bali tastes fantastic. For me, ten days of vacation in Bali helped me to detox and recover after many months of toxic food and pollution in China. Ten days definitely wasn`t enough, and my next trip to Bali will be at least one month.

This is a list of my favorite restaurants in Bali:

1. IN THE RAW – BEACH GARDEN is my very favorite restaurant in Bali. Everything is organic, and the portions are perfect. In my opinion, it`s just the right amount of everything our body needs. Most of the vegetables are produced nearby, and they have the strongest turmeric shots I ever tried. Every morning at 8 AM fresh cold press juices are ready for sales and delivery. I did 3 days of detox, and every morning they would deliver 6 bottles of different juices. The last 3 days of detox I did feel like the best thing I ever did for my body.

2.SHELTER has the most delicious ACAI BOWLS I ever tried. Different toppings make it so tasty. I tried one with a red dragon fruit topping, and there is also an option to add extra things like goji berries, chia seeds, and more fruits. They also have the best chicken wraps in one portion and trust me, even though I eat a lot, it was too much food.

3. CAFE ORGANIC is a restaurant where I went my last day for lunch. I got the big portion that after that I wasn`t hungry until the next day when I arrived in Hong Kong! They also have vegetarian and gluten-free options. I didn`t want to eat carbs before the flight, but the gluten-free bread with pesto tasted too good not be eaten. They also have the best dark chocolate and deserts I tried in Bali.


4. MILU BY NOOK is a pretty big restaurant with adorable decorations and delicious food. One evening I went there for dinner with my friend planning not to eat too much but even the portion of the salad was huge, and I ate the best zucchini soup I ever tried and drank fresh coconut water. I didn`t finish the salad as it was too much food but seems excellent after dinner there.

5. COMO BEACH CLUB is a fantastic restaurant next to the Echo beach with a perfect view to enjoy the sunset while you are having dinner. I tried the best meat there, as well as seafood. The only thing I didn`t like is that their portions were too small.


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