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Nowadays, Instagram became as important for models as their portfolio. I rejected for years to open an Instagram account but had to do it so I open an account beginning of 2015 before my trip to Istanbul. For two years I didn’t care much about it, I had about 300 followers and once in a while, I would post some pictures. I really liked Facebook and was always saying that Instagram does not make sense, just posting pictures and not being able to post a song or write something on a profile. However, things had to change as Instagram became important in modeling as in other public jobs. Instagram is literally the second portfolio for a model or maybe even first as agencies first check Instagram then polaroids of a model.


As sooner as you start to take care of your Instagram better for you and trust me it will bring you more jobs. However, Instagram requires work and hours spent on this social media. First of all, you have to organize your feed, it doesn’t matter if you have amazing pictures but your feed just does not look nicely organized. The best is to organize your feed in advance for the week, let’s say. There is an application called Planoly and it gives you the possibility to organize, try different pictures and move them to see how it will look once when they are on your feed. As well you can also schedule post but right before the time when it has to be published you will get a notification from Planoly and then you have to approve.

Pay attention to the colors, if you like to use filters choose one that fit the best and use it for all pictures, the feed has to have beautiful composition. I personally don’t like to use filters, but I do brightness, a bit of contrast, warmth the pictures that look too cold, as well I use highlights and shadows. The key point of having a good picture is to do it on good natural light, be creative and be yourself.  You can look at other profiles for inspiration but try to be original and creative in your own way.

You don’t have to copy anyone but you have to be yourself!


When it comes about #hastags it seems they weren’t doing much until Instagram recently launched new option to follow hashtags that you like. There is another thing about Hashtags, for example, if you put on your picture hashtag #fashion, possibility that someone will see your photo is very small unless you have a big amount of followers because that hashtag has more then 466 millions of posts. It is always better to find some other interesting and unique hashtag that is more likely that your post will appear at the top of others.  As well I suggested you create your unique hashtag and write it in every picture you post. In a way, someone who writes your name or whatever is your hashtag will get to see all your pictures. I start doing that for my self since the end of last year and I created two #chameleonspirit, same as the name of my blog, and another one my name #makelly. As I said there is an option to follow hashtag so this is another way for people to follow you. This is also a good chance to make people don’t miss your post because Instagram is not showing us posts from all people we follow but the once “he thinks“ is important to us. Mark Zuckerberg called it „meaningful social interaction“ and it means one that is meaningful for you as an individual, profiles you check the most and pictures you like and comment.


A number of people that follow you are important, but more then that is important if these people react to your posts! For example; if you have 10 000 followers and 50 likes per picture, agencies, and clients who check your profile will think that you bought them, which is happening a lot nowadays. To make your followers react to your pictures I would suggest you make meaningful posts. This means to write a story for pictures you are posting, it does not have to be long, it can be few sentences but it has to tell a story, your unique story. Content is a king! People like to connect with the person and if you are not giving enough of yourself and letting them know you better it hard they will be able to connect with you. Once you make your followers connect with you on a much deeper level where they love what you do and what you share with them then this is going to least in the long relationship between you and your followers. When someone nicely comments on your feed take a look and answer, that’s also a way to build a relationship with your followers.


Facebook profile is more “private“ if we can say that for any social media, but Instagram is very much business and as I said for models very important! On Facebook, we mostly have our friends and family and we accept or not friends request but on Instagram, everyone can follow us, if the profile is open but as models, we have to keep it open. On Facebook, you have more freedom to post your private pictures with friends and family but on Instagram, you have to keep it professional. This does not mean that you can’t post pictures with your friends and family but just the once that look the best and fit nicely in your feed.

Another thing that is very important is to change your ordinary Instagram profile to business profile! There is a category for your profile you can choose the one that matches the best for you. As a model and blogger, I chose “Public figure“. As well to change the business profile you have to have a facebook page, let’s say you create your Facebook page and then change your ordinary Instagram profile to business. Basically, this is the first thing you have to do when you start taking care of your Instagram and the second thing is to delete all pictures that are not the best of the best! Keep just the best pictures and start building the nice feed.


Instagram stories are a great way to stay in touch with your audience, show them how models life look like, how is to go for castings, live in another country and all those things that they wonder about. As well it is a great way to show your personality, there is already too many stories and pictures on the feed so don’t bother people with no sense things if you want them to follow you in a long term. The best is to do Instagram stories every day but if you don’t have what to show better do it when you have then made people stop following you. In overwhelmed by social media in order to make people follow you, you have to create interesting and unique content!

Recently, Instagram launches Instagram Stories Highlights which is a great way to save stories that deserve to save on your profile and let people see it whenever they visit your profile. Make a few category for stories that you will save. For example, as a model, it can be: Modeling, Traveling, Beauty, Paris or whatever is the most you post on stories.

As it looks now Instagram is going to grow and improve, as sooner you start to take care of it better for you. How it looks now it can happen that in the future we will go to the castings without portfolio but showing our Instagram.

Good luck!

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    February 22, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    Such a pleasant and useful read !
    Thank you Makelly !

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