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Back in years before I start modeling I remember exactly every feeling I had, every thought, every step I did to make my dream come true. The truth is that you can’t run before you walk,  so there are some steps to follow and try to avoid some beginners mistakes.

1.The first step is to decide if this is really something you want? Are you ready to leave school, parents, friends, and travel to another side of the world to work as a model? Are you ready to live in another country and move to another one after your contract is done? Are you ready to live with people you don’t know? Are you ready to give up on ordinary life that you have right now? If the answer is „Yes“, let’s pass to another step.

2.How about your measurements? What is your height? If you are girl you shouldn’t be shorter than 173/174 (5’8”). Considering models start when they are really young, they are still growing, so even if you are bit shorter you may get few more centimeters. Bust and waist is not something that important as everybody has different body construction. Instead of that, hips are important. Pay attention here, hips have to be under 90 cm (35’5′)! If you have more then that don’t go for any castings until you get in a shape. Only girls who are 180 cm (5’11’) can have 90 in hips. This means if you are shorter, your measurements are supposed to be less.

3.OK, when you make sure you have right measurements now you have to find the right agency that wants to represent you. This is tricky part as today there is so many agencies and every day someone opens a new one. Bookers who have worked many years in some agencies decide that they want to have their own agency consider that they have years of experience and contacts in this industry. That’s the reason why many agencies are opening and closing all the time. So the question is, how to know which agency is good?! Well, first take a look at their website and see the models who work with them. Are there any famous, successful models? This is not always relevant because sometimes models leave and an agency will keep their pictures on their website but still if an agency has a successful model it is a good sign.

When I was starting modeling, this is how I checked agencies. I made some mistakes, however, because what is presented to us on TV and social media is not always true. Today there is another way to check if the agency is good or not! Join the Facebook group “Models world“ and ask about a particular agency, opinion about some of them or advice on which agency is good in your country or city. Experienced models will give you the right answer because we are there to help each other. Right now I have mother agency in another country, but back in days, I had an agency in my country. When you don’t know much how things work, it is better to start with an agency in your country.

4.When you decide which agency you want, you have to attend their castings! Fill the application on their website or just show up on the day when they have an open casting call. That’s what most of the agencies do and I also recommend you that way. Filling the application they ask you to send few pictures but this is tricky part as you don’t know how to capture your real beauty, aking your friends or parents won’t help and those pictures you send may not show your real look. Once again instead of sending pictures, I suggest you show up on the casting!

But there is an important part: How to dress up and behave on your first casting? People say the first impression is the most important and in modeling it really is!!! You don’t have much time when you walk into the casting place, so besides your physical look, you have to charm everyone in the room. I know young people are shy but please leave that at home and shine for this chance you have!

Ok, about dress code, try to dress up as simple as possible! In fashion, it is easy to make mistake so play it safe. Black, black, black! Black t-shirt, black jeans, black high heels – all tight to your body! When is about make-up, don’t put any or just a bit concealer if its necessary.

Now you are ready to attend your first casting and hopefully get an agency that will work for you and represent you in a fashion world. Mother agency plays a big role in a model career but it is more important for the model to make themselves better.

Be patient and understand that it is really important for you to always – 24/7 work on yourself to become better and better every day! You never know when your five minutes of glory will come.

Hope this tips and tricks will help you make your dream come true. I wish you lot of patience, power, and good luck!


  1. Hector Uba

    August 23, 2018 at 10:31 pm

    Thanks for the tips and tricks on how you can become a professional model. I had no idea that there were particular measurements that the agency would be looking for; I was always under the impression the sizes weren’t as important anymore. What kinds of sizes are they looking for nowadays?

  2. Makelly Cvijanovic

    September 9, 2018 at 12:11 pm

    Hi Hector! I am glad that you found some useful tips here. When is about measurements it is not as important as it was a few years ago but still good model has to be fit always and look good. There are some general measurements but it all depends on model body construction and height.

  3. Millie Hue

    October 16, 2018 at 5:38 am

    I like that you pointed out that showing up on the casting will be the best thing to do to show your true beauty. I will share this with my best friend to help her pursue her dream. She said that she would try out this year because she is already 25 years old, and she might regret it if she reaches the age where she is not fit for most castings already.

    1. Makelly Cvijanovic

      October 16, 2018 at 6:03 am

      Showing up on the castings it’s the way to get a job in modeling and rarely through direct booking. Mostly client’s want to see model in person unless they already work with same model. Good luck to your friend!

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