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As I am always overthinking everything, I start to write about all those little things that run through my mind. I came to the realization that so many beautiful moments happen in my travels – the people I meet, the incredible life stories I hear and the invaluable advice I get and give, but I’ve never put all of it on paper.

On the first of January I was in China, alone in models apartment, far away from home. New Year’s Day always makes me reflect on where I am and where I want to be that same exact day the following year. I noticed a beautiful park and river through my window. I couldn’t believe how blind I had been! Each day we are occupied with many things that demand our attention and because of these distractions we become blinded to the beauty surrounding us. I was in my kitchen every day, washing dishes and looking through the same window, never noticing the beauty that was right in front of me…until that day.

I took a piece of paper and went to the park. I never planned to write, and I don’t even know why I brought this piece of paper. I was sitting on the ground, looking at the river and just started to write. Words came streaming from my mind and I scribbled them on my paper as fast as possible, afraid that they would fly away.

After that day it was a month of hard work, and I completely neglected that little piece of paper.

It was really cold in China and I was happy that my next destination was Bangkok. The moment I arrived in Bangkok I started to write again. I was going around the city, meeting people, making new friends and having an amazing time. The idea of writing a blog just came up. It has been actually in Thailand at Phi Phi Island where I was inspired to write again.

As a model, I have the opportunity to travel, see and experience different things, and this is something precious that I decided to share with you. I hope when you wil be reading my blog that you will get a real picture of modeling and understand better how it look like to ba a model, travel the world, eat healthy and take good care of yourself. As everything has black and white side same is with modeling, but let’s begin the journey, I have so much to share with you!


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