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One thing I hate hearing from people is “Just go with the flow.” Whenever I would be worrying where I am going and what I am doing most of them would say this phrase, but I am not a leaf on the street to just fly with the breeze!


“JUST GO WITH THE FLOW” – That sentence I used to hear often and every time it makes me angry. A healthy human being with a brain, heart, and intuition can’t just go with the flow! People often ask me how I get to where I am, how I manage to do school, traveling, work, sports and find success in all of it. How has my dream come true? Hey, it never was a dream it was a plan! It was a precise plan written down step by step what I have to do. As well it wasn’t a straight road, it was curved, sometimes narrow, wide, full of a lot of stumbling blocks and stones to jump over. There was a time when I thought I couldn’t move anymore but how could I go back when I have already made it this far? Then I learned to rest, right there in the middle of the way. When I get some rest, I will keep going.

Whenever I thought I would quit I’d get angry and I would say to myself ‘You want to quit because you got tired? You want to quit because you got sick? OK, now you want to quit because you are still not where you want to be? Hm, you want to quit because you see your friends having a normal life and you got tired of your adventures? You choose this path! Do you still want to quit?”



Nothing is going to happen until you have a plan and put in some work. After that we can talk about good luck, connections, opportunities that come along way and all of it comes from your hard work. So we are clear that it wasn’t a dream. I remember a year before I attended the Elite model look competition, it was nice weather I was sitting in the beautiful yard back home and writing my plans. It is lovely over there but sitting there wasn’t making me happy, I knew I could do more, much more! I made a perfect plan, did research of modeling agencies in my country, went to the capital city, attended castings, got to the final, got an agent, start to travel and work as a model. One thing didn’t happen as I planned, I didn’t win the competition. Later on, it turns out that this detail wasn’t important at all. One month later I got the first contract, and two months later I was in Hong Kong on my first modeling trip. As you see, it was all a plan, and I even contacted some successful models and asked for advice on what to wear to castings, how to behave, etc. Believing or not some of them wrote back to me. Years later I built a blog that has information for girls and boys that want to become a model, which answered questions I had when I started.


When I got an idea of starting a blog, I started making a plan. OK, I knew that I liked to write, and I knew what I wanted to say and how I wanted it to look like, but I didn’t know anything about creating a blog, making a logo and many other things. So I made a plan of how I will get the knowledge that I am missing and find people to do things that I don’t know. First, I found a workshop “Turning your passion into profit and scaling your business online” and a fantastic girl that does it Jovana Miljanović. Her workshop gave me all the necessary information I needed to start my blog. Then I had to find a web developer and graphic designer as this was a part that I didn’t know anything about. Not to go into too much detail, as creating a blog is not the topic of this story but as you see it was all a plan, worked out in steps. I have some friends that even after a few years, continue to tell me how they are not satisfied with their situation. They don’t like what they are doing and want to do something else, but I still haven’t seen any of them move in the direction where they want to go.


People like to talk a lot and they don’t do much. Talking to other people that can inspire you and give you useful advice is a good thing but talking to the right people and putting in some real work is better. How much time do you waste on talking, drinking coffees, watching tv and complaining? If you have time for that, you also have time to make a plan, organize yourself and do the first step.


Do research first! If you don’t know something Google it and if learning particular things take you lot of time and energy and you don’t want to do it then find people who do it and pay for it. You can’t do everything; everyone has to do their job! I see so many bloggers trying to do all the work by themselves, as a result of that, there are websites that look like kids had fun. If you are a writer, your job is to create content, do that and let others do the rest of the work. Make the right investment, and it will pay back!

Going with the flow will not take you where you want to be, make a plan and start doing things.

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