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There is one question that people often ask me and it’s not how to be in shape but how to keep a relationship with friends and boyfriend when I am far away. Actually when you are so far away then you really see who your real friends are and who are not.

In the very beginnings of my traveling, I was worried that I will lose friends and boyfriend because of the distance but you know what – it doesn’t really matter because real ones will always stay. It is definitely hard when it comes to long-distance relationships but it can work if you are both committed to each other. Communication and trust are the most important things in any relationship, when you trust someone and where there is no jealousy. Jealousy is a waste of time especially when you do this job where you are always alone somewhere in the world and you just need someone to understand you and be your support, not someone who will ask you a hundred questions and fight with you. I have one rule that says – 95% of the time in your relationship has to be joy and happiness and if 5% of the time is arguing this is OK!


When it comes to friendship I can say that I have a small circle of friends but this is really pure friendships and I would not give it for anything in the world! From every period of my life, the best people stayed and when I say “the best” I mean people with good heart, positive energy, smart and intelligent. These are friends that are always here for me no matter how long I am abroad and even if we don’t talk so often it doesn’t change anything. There are some friends from my primary school, high school, University, from a student organization that I had been part of and some friends I met in between that. There are all so different and special in their own way.

Being on a trip for couple months I have to adapt to a new country, city, and people and organize my life every time again, but this is the value of traveling. In the beginning, it is always hard but after it the new place becomes your new home. The first day when I arrive at a new place it is very tough as it is completely new surroundings. The second day I am observing and getting to know how things work and the third day I already feel like I have been living there for a long time. So I need three days to adapt and after that everything is good. In this period when it’s the hardest time, family and friends’support is the most important.

My longest trip lasted six months, three months in China and three months in Thailand and I can say I really had many moments when I was missing my friends so much. On the last trip I had a dream that we were going out, dancing all night until the morning when I woke up and I received pictures from my dear friend Marija. It was a picture where they are all together, drinking wine, my little sweet group of friends from the University. I was so happy when I saw them together and I really appreciated that they think about me.


I can say that now it’s much easier to keep in touch with people than when I started because that time I didn’t have a smartphone, just an old mobile phone and laptop. On my first few trips during days I was working or running to the castings and then in the evening when I got back home and open my laptop I could talk with family, friend and boyfriend. All those days I was wondering if some of them would write me a message and I loved evenings so much when I could talk to them and feel I am not alone. Same it is with other girls if you come to a model’s apartment in the evening you would see every girl on Skype. Today is much easier there are not only Skype and Facebook but also Viber, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Even on the Instagram Story, you can follow what people are doing every day and that keeps us close even when we are far apart.

Wherever I am and whatever I am doing it is so easy now when I can send the pictures or videos and let them see what’s going on and how it looks like in a new country. Usually, when I am in shopping and have a dilemma what to buy I just send pictures to my mom or friends and they help me decide. Technology does help a lot but the best day is when I come back and sit down with my friend and talk for hours. There are so many little details and situations from my travels that I forget. It is very hard to remember everything. I made a mistake that I didn’t start to write from the beginning of my travels because now it would be extremely interesting to read about all those experiences.

However, in my opinion, the most important thing is to find out who are your real friends and surround yourself with good, positive, smart people who will be your support and give you an advice when you need it. I am truly happy with friends I have and I appreciate those friendships more than anything else because this is exactly one of the things that money can’t buy.

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