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Last year in Beijing I went to visit the Summer Palace. Right in front of the entrance was a man sitting on the floor drawing beautiful pictures without both of his hands. He was holding a brush in his mouth and drawing!

Mostly he was drawing flowers and Chinese letters, I wonder why these two things but my Chinese wasn’t that good to ask him. I said to him “beautiful” in Chinese, this word I heard from people there so many times, and left him some money, he smiled and greeted us.

If he can do this wonderful thing without his hands, how many amazing things we can do with both hands and both legs but we don’t for an unknown reason. We forget about things we have and we don’t appreciate them because we think it is normal to have it, but not everyone can hear or talk, not everyone can walk, not everyone is healthy.

He made me think how big our potentials are and how little we are actually using. Some statistics say that an average person is using only 5% of potential. Imagine if we would use at least double. Imagine that we are at least double creative, focused, organized and friendlier! Imagine that we care more about others, imagine that we always try to make our lovely people happy and create some beautiful surprises for them. If we would put just a bit more effort our lives would be much more beautiful and fulfilled.

We entered the gates of Summer Palace, there was beautiful nature, a lake, a forest, and the temple around us but I was still thinking about the man who didn’t have what we have but created more then we do.

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