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A few years ago a friend of mine told me a story of how she went to Bali for ten days of vacation and ended up staying for seven months. I never forgot her story and since then I always wondered about this place. I told myself one day I will go there! It happened this September. And now I understand why she stayed for so long. I have been traveling to many places, but none of those places can compete with Bali. Thailand is the most similar but Bali is something more, much more…



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The most incredible thing about Bali is its energy and its people! When I look into the eyes of the Balinese, I see happiness. They are not rushing for money. They don’t want anything from you. They are happy with what they have. My first surprise was right after I landed. I was waiting for my friend, and those taxi drivers came to ask me if I need a taxi. When I said, I am waiting for my friend they smiled politely, nodded, and they didn`t bother me as it’s usually the case in airports. This was my first shock. I remember I needed a few minutes to observe and see where I am and what was happening.

It was a big challenge to slow down and relax after months of hustle and hard work. It took me a few days to realize that I don`t have to rush anywhere, that I don`t have to do anything except enjoy this amazing place. This is the reason why ten days for me wasn’t enough. When I go to a new place, whether I will like it or not depends on two things: PEOPLE AND FOOD. People in Bali are the kindest people in the world and food is the healthiest and the most delicious I ever tried. All those days I felt terrific there and I met some beautiful souls that made this trip special.

Restaurant in Canggu – In the raw

Sunset – Echo beach

In Cafe Organic

In Canggu

Life in Bali is effortless. You don’t need much a few simple dresses, flipflops and a bikini. That’s all. Waking up every morning, enjoying a cup of coffee, swimming, reading, and writing was a daily thing. Later during the day, I would go to have lunch and explore the Island. All the food I tried tasted great and the most important thing is that it is all healthy. (Check out a blog post about my favorite restaurants in Bali). Most of the restaurants have fresh coconuts, green smoothies, acai bowls, and all those healthy delicious foods. In the evening I would enjoy the sunset at Echo beach and look at dogs running and playing around. Some nights with a group of friends I went out, no high heels and makeup. What a simple life. There are people from all over the world, different nationalities and languages you can hear all around. It is so easy to meet people in Bali, and I don`t think just foreigners, tourists, but local people as well. Everyone is open to talk and share their stories, and that`s precious.

I spent most of my time in Canggu, it’s a peaceful neighborhood growing and developing fast. Some days I went to Seminyak which is a good shopping area as well with lots of good restaurants and spa centers. Ubud is the most famous area in Bali about an hour from Canggu. There I visited a charming resort called Bambu Indah, which is actually a hotel that has historical, traditional Indonesian homes, streams, and unusual nature all around.

I can`t forget to mention, the massages in Bali! Massages are one of the best things there, it`s cheap, pleasant, and easy to find everywhere. You don`t even need to go for a massage, people come to your place, for ultimate relaxation. One evening, my friend and I were coming back from shopping, it was already 10 PM and we thought about getting a massage so she orders massages and when we got back to the apartment two ladies came. One and a half hour of massage and a perfect night of sleep. This is life in Bali and I miss it a lot!

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