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Sunday morning is a perfect day for adventure. Waking up around 8 AM having breakfast with my friend Adelline and getting ready for our trip to the historic city of Ayutthaya. We heard from some friends that it is a unique city with many temples and that we shouldn’t miss it. Well, we don’t want to miss a single adventure so we decided to go on the spot.

Ayutthaya is a unique place. The story goes that all the temples once formed the city and this city was one country. Ayutthaya was Thai Kingdom, from 1350 to 1767. In the year of 1767 the city was destroyed in the Burmese-Siamese war. After that Bangkok became the capital but under the name of Thonburi.

We took a boat and a motorbike taxi to get to the bus station because when the traffic gets crazy in Bangkok that’s the best way to go and then we took a train to get to Ayutthaya. People were telling us about some third-class train and how dirty it was, but it wasn’t actually that bad. Yes, it is an old train and not perfectly clean but it’s not that horrible neither. I think everyone who plans to go to Ayutthaya should take the train so one can see and experience how locals live and be a part of that.

Train station in Bangkok

It took us about one hour and a half to reach Ayutthaya. We arrived at 1 PM and agreed with a tuktuk driver to show us around many temples.Three hours was enough to see 5 or 6 temples and you can choose on the map which one you wanted to see. There are more than 400 temples in total although tourists usually visit only a few of them.

The first place we visited was the Ayutthaya Elephant Village. This is a place where you can ride elephants or you can just take a look around. Be careful not to go too close to the elephants because they can sometimes become aggressive. I think the reason for that is that people are not treating them well at all. Animals are living beings too and need to be treated humanely. It always makes me mad when I see how animals are treated in this world ruled by money.

After the Elephant Village we went to WatYai Chai Monghon temple. I really liked that one as it was situated a big park with many temples and a few white Buddhas around. One monk was teaching kids – everything was peaceful and Adelline kindly asked to take a picture with them. In the middle, there was the biggest and magnificent temple which one can reach only by climbing quiet s few stairs.

In WatYai Chai Monghon temple with Adelline

The next one was WatMaha That temple. This one was very special as there was the Buddha head in the tree. Be careful when you come close as there is carpet laid on the floor just before it and you shouldn’t step on it. You have to sit down and show respect. In whatever temple you are you have to respect Buddha and that way you respect Thai people too.

WatMaha That temple

The fourth place was Lokayasutharam and there was a  happy Buddha. People were buying flowers, candles and praying, therefore we did the same. It is a very authentic place to visit.


There is something special about Thai people because they are always positive and happy. In almost three months that I was there, I don’t remember that anyone was rude to me. Most of the people work hard and for some minimum wage but they seem to be happy and they don’t complain. If I would compare Thai people with other countries I have been to I could underline a huge difference. I don’t know what the reason is but whatever the reason is – others should learn from them.

The fifth and the last temple which we visited was named WatChaiwatthanaraw and we didn’t spend much time there because we were in a rush to catch the next train although this one is pretty similar to the first temple we visited – WatMaha That temple.

Somewhere in Ayutthaya

Such a pity is to be in Thailand and not to see Ayutthaya so put on your traveling list this historic city and you will not regret it. We are currently on the train on our way back to Bangkok while I am writing this story. Half of the way there was rain and half sun but both pictures are beautiful. We are enjoying the view and thinking how authentic day we just had.

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