Chameleon Spirit


Success in modeling depends on how quickly we are able to transform and adapt: transforming on jobs, adapting to different countries, people and mentalities. We have to be Chameleons! Our characters have to have incredible adaptability. Just like the mysterious creature, people will see only what is shown to them, so we must always be conscious about the image we project. We must always be able to transform, to wear different colors, and adjust ourselves to our environments on moment’s notice.

To be the master of any situation, extremely adaptable, but still true to yourself – that is a real Chameleon.


Listen to that little voice inside of you telling you of adventure and love, of happiness and of all of the things in life worth living for. Go and live that life! Explore, learn, create and love! Love with your whole heart over and over again, and treasure those memories and precious moments deep inside your soul. Feed your spirit with passion! Live for the moments that make your heart beat quickly. Live for the moments when the kisses are long and passionate, when the view is breathtaking, and when you wish you could stop time. Live for these moments, because it is only in these moments that you will truly feel alive.