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Constantly moving and traveling can be hard for the body and for the mind too. Every time I move to another country or city it takes me some time to adapt and that often means losing my balance. So many of my routines; exercising, eating healthy, sleeping properly, writing and learning all become one big mess. This mess always has a big impact on my health.


What I found the most difficult while traveling is finding the right food and keeping a healthy diet. Especially traveling mostly around Asia, food that people eat and how they prepare, is completely different than how we do it in Europe. The food here is usually spicy and oily and there is lots of fruits and vegetables that we don’t have in Europe which can be risky as you don’t know how your body will react if you eat them. Water – every time my body needs to adapt to new water and in some of the countries water quality is very bad even water you buy in the supermarket. Pollution and quality of air is another thing that the body has to deal with and all of it requires strong health, body, and mind. After having many health issues caused by all of these changes I’ve learned how to cook and prepare food that is good for me and when it comes to water, having a thermos for water purification is a necessity for one world traveler. Sometimes it is hard to manage to prepare meals every day and often it means that I have to wake up very early to cook and pack a lunch box before heading to work.


Another thing that is difficult to manage while traveling and modeling is regularly exercising. I will be honest, I am still struggling with that one. Not having a routine is when it comes to the point that for a very long time I don’t do it at all or I only do it once in a week or even in two weeks and then I feel it doesn’t count. Having continuity is a key point of keeping your body in good shape. We can always find an excuse of not having the time or feeling tired but the truth is that we have to find time even if this means to wake up early in the morning and go for a run or do it late in the evening. It is easier to keep your body in good shape and maintain good health than to fix it later on.


Often I don’t have time for myself and the things I love doing and that’s what makes me feel that I am off balance. Learning, reading, and writing are the things that I need to have on my daily schedule but more often than not, I have many days or weeks when I don’t have time even for basic human needs like to eat and sleep. I can handle it for some time and then I get to the point where I become nervous, angry, irritable and then I know the cause of these emotions. Traveling for work, running around and going to many castings and jobs makes me happy but equally, it makes me happy to have time for myself when I can do other things for my personal development and happiness. The good thing about traveling is that there is time for example on airplanes, trains, buses, and boats which is kind of spare time however has to be used wisely. This is my favorite time for writing as I feel inspired, free and happy.


Having a good social life for me is as important as having time for myself. But it can be hard to manage when you are moving all the time and working hard. Working and making money, taking care of your diet and exercising often leads to not having as much time for a social life. One of the things I value most of all is meeting new people, hearing their stories and making friends around the world. For me, every life story I hear is like reading a new book. As much as I am an introvert I am an extrovert as well. It just depends on the moment of my life. From those people that I thought I couldn’t learn anything from, I actually learned the most. Daily sightseeing and nights out that I thought wouldn’t interest me, turned out to be the most memorable. This is the reason why nowadays when I have a chance to go somewhere and spend time with people I would rather go and sacrifice hours of sleep or some work that has to be done. There are moments that if we skip them they will never happen again and this is one of the most important things I learned in the last year.


Meeting new people is nice but old friends back home can’t be forgotten. These people have been by my side since I started. They were helping me whenever I needed them and they never left because those are true friendships for life. It is hard to constantly be in touch as we are on different sides of the world and also different time zones, but from time to time a message or a phone call is enough to let them know that I am thinking of them. They understand me, my life, and the path I choose and they have respected and supported it since the beginning. I wrote another blog post about this topic `Friends and relationships – how it works when I travel the world`. When it comes to my family they are my biggest supporter and I am truly grateful for that. It wasn’t easy for them to let their 17-year-old daughter travel alone to another side of the world but they conquer fear because they believe in me. There was never a moment that they stopped or question me on my way to achieving my goals.


My inner peace is the most important for me! When I am in a good relationship with myself I can handle everything that is happening in my life. To get and to keep this peace is often hard with constant changes and dealing with problems on the daily level. What was and still is the hardest thing for me is controlling my emotions and not taking things personally. In each country that I have lived, people behave and deal with things differently. There is a big difference in mentalities and that often means that I have to adapt as I am traveling and living in their countries.

Work hard, make money, build a good reputation, look good, eat healthily, sleep well, exercise, explore, meet people, read, write and work on yourself, all of it is difficult to manage while moving and traveling but it is not impossible, all you need is a good organization and not to waste time.

No matter what is going on around me, if I can keep my inner peace I can handle everything.

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