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2018 was intense, productive and very successful year. I shot a campaign for GIORDANO Ladies, FIVE PLUS in collaboration with Coca-Cola, CERAMINE cosmetic, commercial for VIVO MOBILE, cover for NAILPIA magazine, editorials for TATLER magazine, PRESTIGE, JESSICA, WEDDING 21, MANIFESTO, MILK magazine, catalogs and lookbooks for; MISS SIXTY, SOLEZIA, GIORDANO, OLIVIER STRELLI etc. As well I walked the Hong Kong Fashion Week.

That`s just some of the most important jobs, but let’s start with January. In the first month of 2018, I was in Seoul, South Korea. If you are wondering how it is there I wrote a blog post “Seoul – city of perfection and a ton of coffee shops”. It was extremely cold and some days the temperature dropped to -18 degrees. During this month I was on the cover for, NAILPIA MAGAZINE. I also did the most wedding jobs I have ever done. In February I moved to Hong Kong. It was a Chinese new year and I had plenty of time to enjoy the city where I had my first modeling contract. Hong Kong was and still is my favorite city and this year it becomes my second home.

The beginning of the year was peaceful but once March started the roller coaster ride lasted until the beginning of December. I started to work and travel like crazy, I didn’t have any free time, not even to collect my thoughts. During all this time I have been doing another part-time job in marketing that I ended in May. In all this craziness of work and travel, I fell in love and I fell out of love. Yes, the things in my life were happening pretty fast. The month of May was a month of love and drama, a combination of these two is not a good one.

As I spent May in Serbia – my first home, at the beginning of June I got back to my second home in Hong Kong. My schedule was still crazy, lots of work and travel and at that time I decided to apply for a British visa. Luckily, I got a visa and flew to London to the movie premiere of “16/03”. It was a quick and crazy trip to London when I got a visa only one day before the movie premiere and I booked my ticket 5 hours before the flight and 24 hours before the premiere in London. However, I made it on time and I probably had my first breakdown that day.

After London, I got back to Hong Kong and continued working. It was a rainy season and it was insanely hot and I had to shoot winter clothes outside. One time I went to one Island to shoot a campaign and catalog, it was known to be the hottest day of the year and there were not many people on the street but I had to shoot coats and pullovers outside on the beach and on a boat. This is a life of models, it is not shine and glow as people think. There were many shootings like this one and I knew I needed a break as I was so overwhelmed. Beginning of September I did Hong Kong Fashion Week which was intense; rehearsals, fittings and finally shows. I planned my trip to Bali at the end of September. But before Bali, typhoon Mangkhut rips through Hong Kong. Two days we couldn’t go anywhere and this was a moment I saw who cares about me and who doesn’t.  The typhoon came at the right time…

At the end of September, I packed my luggage and flew to Bali, Indonesia. It took me a few days to adjust to this place – BALI, A PLACE OF MAGIC. After so many months of rushing, traveling and hard work it was hard to slow down. This was an important moment for me as I had to let go of some people from my life. I recently wrote and published a blog post about this topic – 10 THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS I LEARNED THIS YEAR.

Once I let it go, my vacation started, it was around my 5th day in Bali. The second part of the vacation was everything I needed. We always get what we need but we first have to let go of what has to get out of our lives to make some space!

When it`s about traveling, the month of October was the craziest in 2018. From Bali I flew to Hong Kong, the same day from Hong Kong I took a train to Guangzhou. The day after I flew from Guangzhou to Moscow, from Moscow to Warsaw in Poland. I stayed 4 days in Poland where I shot a commercial for VIVO mobile. It was very hard for my body to adjust to all these quick changes, time zone, weather, temperature. After that, I flew from Poland to Moscow, than to Guangzhou and in the end took a train to Hong Kong.

Catch me if you can!

November was, comparing to others,  let say ‘normal’ month in Hong Kong, and in December I finally got back to my first home – Serbia. I did what I wanted for so long, applied and got American visa and soon will finally see this side of the world. In December was my birthday when I made the celebration and was happy to see my friends after a year of not seeing each other.

In 2018 I had lost a lot but I got much more. It all happened exactly the way it should. Can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

On the set for magazine WEDDING 21

How did your past year rate? Are you happier, less happy? Are you healthier, less healthy? Did you fall in love or fall out of love, or maybe both? Do you have more or less real friends? How did your past year rate if 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest?


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