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I started this year with a trip to America. It was a country that I always wanted to visit, dreaming about walking on Fifth Avenue, Central Park and then flying to the other side of the country for a ride through Sunset Boulevard.  I always wondered which city I will like more; New York or Los Angeles? Turned out to be unexpected!

NEW YORK CITY – high expectations

It was extremely cold and the worst period of the year to visit New York. `Who is going to New York in January?` people were telling me. `Well, me!`, I answered. I was enough crazy to go, even the day of departure from Belgrade it was snowing like crazy and I was worrying they would cancel my flight. It would usually take 45 minutes to get to the airport, instead it took me two hours, the highway was covered with snow, and the road workers were just about to arrive and start clearing the road. Fortunately they didn`t cancel flight and they even moved me to business class as economy was full, what a lucky girl I am.

Finally, landed in New York! There was a huge line on the border, people coming from all over the world and waiting for hours. I caught a taxi to my friend Tayla who lives in Manhattan Island. Everything looks like something from an American movie and during the whole ride I wasn`t really aware that I am really there. On the first evening in New York my friends took me out for dinner at SHI restaurant with amazing view of the city. On the way back to the apartment they were keen to show me the city, it felt just like the movie… However, the jetleg was winning and soon I was in bed, still thinking I`m dreaming.

Bryant Park
In front of Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York was very cold but not snowing. I spent my afternoons walking on Fifth Avenue and exploring around. I never thought that Fifth Avenue is that long! One day I visited Uptown and Central Park and continued walking down the street next to the Central park thinking that street will take me to Fifth Avenue, however when I checked the map, I realized that I had been on Fifth Avenue the entire time…is it really that long?

I liked how I felt in New York, very peaceful and calm but i was not impressed. I think my expectations about New York were very high. What I was missing there? I guess connections with people. Everyone is so busy, rushing around and trying to figure out their lives, no one has time in this city except me at that moment – a girl lost in the city of dreams! There was one thing I enjoyed in New York, although people were busy running around they still had time to stop and give me compliments wherever I went. I probably got more compliments in these three weeks there than I’ve had in my entire life;

`I love your hair.`

‘You have a beautiful coat!’

Are you French? You are so stylish!’

Looking gorgeous girl, have a wonderful day.’

The first few times I was in shock as I received these almost every few steps but then I got used to it. Maybe that`s why I loved those walks on Fifth Avenue, it made me feel special. However, all of those people would say a sentence, smile and keep rushing to work. I wanted to talk to them, to hear different life stories, to meet new people but this was harder than I thought.

New York can make you feel special and lonely at the same time!

The day after I booked my flight to Los Angeles it started snowing in New York and I was afraid if this would interrupt the day I fly. For some unknown reason, i never really wanted to go to Los Angeles. I was hearing so much about these two cities that I created the picture in my head that I would like New York but Los Angeles would not however fit my personality. As my friend was going there, I decided to book the flight and give LA a chance.

LOS ANGELES – low expectations

Arriving at Burbank airport in the afternoon, the doors were opening and the captain said `Welcome to sunny California`. It was a funny joke since it was a crazy rainy day! Why is it so cold and rainy in LA? My only expectations about L.A. was sunny weather. Luckily, I wore my winter coat and didn`t go in a leather jacket which I previously thought would be enough for this city where the weather is usually always nice. During my last couple of days in New York I got so sick and it was hard to travel for five hours and a half to another side of the country and then to be welcomed by crazy rain, I just wanted to go back to New York. I took an Uber to Venice Beach where I was staying with my friend Zorana who is modeling in LA for a few years now and been catching up across the world thanks to our job. The driver was a funny guy, talking a lot and it just felt so different being there rather than being in New York. As I arrived, I sat on the bench in front of the house and observed this new place. It felt good to be there!

Ride through Sunset Boulevard, Venice beach, stroll along the stars in Hollywood, shopping in Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, walk-in Downtown, all those places from my favorite Hollywood movies, and then hanging out with the Hollywood crowd  and I even befriended some. LA gave much more than I ever expected! In this city people are more approachable, the city vibe is nice and pretty relaxed even though the weather unfortunately wasn`t nice. Those past six days I’d spent there was the best time I had, had so far! I met wonderful people and had an amazing time, it makes me want to go back and experience it all again. It is interesting how things can be good when we don`t expect it because with high expectations it`s easy to get disappointed. The general rule is if you don`t want to be hurt don`t expect too much, the same is with people and with places.

On my last evening in Los Angeles, my friends Zorana and I went to The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. It was pretty cold, so I warmed up my hands close to the fireplace on the rooftop. One thing I didn’t want for certain, I didn`t want to leave! This city is a kind of combination of two places that I love a lot – Bali and Bangkok. The way streets and stores look sometimes reminds me of one city, sometimes of another. It`s a weird combination that I love! The only difference is that there are not many people walking on the streets, everyone is driving. I guess that`s why people in the cars were looking at me weirdly on my first day. I was walking in high heels 20 mins to Urth Caffe to meet my friend. No wonder all eyes were on me, being the only person walking on the street whilst they were driving in their cars. Nevertheless I carried on walking not caring about them staring.
The trip was over and I had to leave. On the way to the airport, my Uber driver was very talkative and I wasn`t. I was sad that I was leaving but at the same time grateful for the moments I experienced.

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Goodbye California.

Goodbye America.

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